José M. Causadias

About José M. Causadias

José M. Causadias is an assistant professor at the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University. Culture has a central role in his training and his personal life, and he is advancing cultural research from a marginal issue to a mainstream topic by integrating issues that are often studied in isolation.


What is culture?

Language, values and systems of social functions tie us together and allow us to accomplish big things. Culture is everything we believe in, what we celebrate and shapes who we are and how we are.




The Meta-Research in Culture Initiative (MARTA)

Aimed at generating quantitative research synthesis of cultural studies (meta-analyses) and identifying biases in the way psychologists study culture, ethnicity, and race.

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The Culture and Biology Initiative 

A collective effort to advance the field of culture and biology interplay, centered on how these two processes have evolved together;

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