The overall goal of my teaching is to promote the integration of knowledge on culture and diversity across different fields of study, including psychology, evolutionary biology, sociology, and anthropology. I strive to promote critical thinking and the consolidation of knowledge, acknowledgement of the complexity and the paradoxes inherent to culture, society, and science, and to prepare students for citizenship.


My Courses

Culture and Biology Interplay
FAS 598

This course will provide a broad introduction to the field, including the main theoretical frameworks, research methods, and recent studies, as well as a discussion of the main problems and opportunities associated with this field. Because the field is vast, the material discussed will be selective. The course will be divided into five units: introduction, animal culture, cultural genomics, cultural neurobiology, and cultural neuroscience.

Family Ethic and Cultural Diversity
FAS 370 (AFR 370)

This course emphasizes the importance of understanding multiple scientific disciplines, theories, and methods, helping you ask critical questions about what happens when different organisms and populations, as well as ideas and institutions, come together. The central premise of this course is that we need to include a diversity of perspectives to truly advance our understanding of modern society.